Living the Jazzed Up Makati Life

        Imagine waking up in the morning with the curtain-tamed sun light kissing your cheeks with the warmth of a new day. You get up from a comfy bed and pull the shades to a magnificent view of Makati’s towering arsenal of buildings; waking up at SMDC’s Jazz Residences. It’s five-star living all the way from the condo’s pool, the selection of restos, and the magnificent structure itself. It’s a four 41 storey complex with a mini-mall at the bottom situated just inches away from Makati City’s center of business and leisure centers. In this Jazzed up life, there are no worries because every day is always going to be a perfect day. 
        Everything anyone can wish for is definitely at Jazz Residences. The vicinity, the facilities, it’s definitely living the best the urban life can offer but most of all, it’s a worry-free life because at the foot of giant residential structure is an SM Hypermarket ready to answer the people’s every need. SM Hypermarket Jazz offers a wide range of fresh goods like meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, groceries and more. And because it’s a HYPERmarket, the store also offer clothing, footwear, appliances, electronics, toys, and even furniture providing not just the residents above but anyone who enters the store with a holistic shopping experience. 
        Living the good life is not complete without a trustee SM Hypermarket conveniently at the ground floor of where you live. Just picture almost instantly getting anything craved for, needed, and wanted without leaving the building. It’s simply fantastic! And the best part of it all is that living like a star is no longer just a dream with the Great Condo Raffle. SM Hypermarket gives its shoppers the chance to live at Makati City’s hottest five-star residential condo. All it takes is a minimum purchase of 500 pesos at SM Hypermarket Jazz and you instantly get a raffle ticket. Awesome prizes like LCD TV’s, Microwave ovens, Air-conditioners and more are at stake at the minor draws. And the big daddy of them all, the 1 bedroom condominium unit will be given to a lucky winner at the grand draw on April 4, 2014. The more times you shop, the closer you get to living in the condo of your dreams! So jazz things up by shopping at SM Hypermarket Jazz today and live like a star tomorrow

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