Dolce Gusto

SM Food Group brews up a pleasant surprise for coffee lovers

For a limited time, SM Hypermarket Mall of Asia, Pasig, and North Edsa as well as SM Supermarket stores in Megamall A, Megamall B, Makati and North Edsa will be the sole distributors of a revolutionary new gadget that promises to change the way people think about coffee.  

Staying ahead of the game by embracing innovation 

While it may occur to some people that such a machine would be more likely to be found in gourmet shops, SM Hypermarket and SM Supermarket vice president for Marketing Maria Lourdes Roque says that the choice to carry it was a logical one.

“We chose to include the Dolce Gusto in our inventory because it’s in line with what we want to offer our consumer – a unique shopping experience that gives you convenience, quality, and enjoyment,” says Roque.     “The SM Food Group is not just one thing.  People think that we’re just a supermarket, but really, if you take time to browse our shelves, you’d be surprised by what you can find.”

“The Dolce Gusto is a great addition to the many items that we carry, even though it may seem unexpected.  But at SM, we like to do things that excite and surprise people.  It’s how we’ve stayed ahead of the competition all these years.  Not by following what appears that we ‘should’ do, but by continuously offering our customers innovative solutions and a unique selection that they know they can rely on.  That way, we never become complacent; we’re always looking for ways to excel, and finding ways to offer something better.  This method has helped us come up with a winning combination of service, quality, and affordability.”

 Indeed, that’s how SM has managed to keep and grow a loyal consumer base of millions.  Filipinos, after all, enjoy things that are new and exciting.  So the retail giant keeps an eye out for these items as well.  That’s why if there’s something the Pinoy consumer will love, it usually hits the shelves at SM first.

It’s the same thing with this premier product.  It’s something exceptional and unexpected, and something that true lovers of the beverage will find irresistible. 

Over the years, the SM Food Group has proved itself an innovator in other areas  as well, such as service and in finding ways to make more items affordable for the general public.  They were one of the first stores that offered repackaged items that could be bought in smaller amounts, and they pioneered the presence of dedicated customer service personnel in all their stores.  

An automated personal barista 

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a personal coffee maker that allows you to brew a perfect cup of coffee with no mess, no fuss, and no special tools.  What’s more, it gives you the freedom to easily customize your drink.  You can have your cup of joe as strong or as mild as you want it, with a perfect head of froth, or even with chocolate.  It’s like having a professional barista living in your own kitchen!

The Dolce Gusto series has two models available, the Piccolo (P3999) and the Circolo (P6999).  Both are marvels of efficiency and design, featuring a sleek modern look and ergonomic silhouette that practically begs to be held and caressed while taking up as little counter space as possible.  

The Circolo is particularly eye-catching.  Its perfectly ovoid shape nestles your coffee cup in the center of its curves, filling it with any kind of coffee you’d like.  It’s perfect for entertaining – you and your guests can each have a custom cup of coffee, no matter how many varieties are requested, with minimum effort.   What’s more, the Circolo’s lovely shape makes it a great centerpiece that sits in the middle of your dinner table and sparks conversations between coffee lovers.  Its beauty has been internationally acclaimed – this little coffee maker is a winner of the International Forum Design award and bagged an honorable mention at the Red Dot Design Awards. 

Both the Piccolo and the Circolo are ideal for people who love their coffee but don’t like the hassle of having to wait for that perfect cup until they can get to a coffee shop.  With the Dolce Gusto, their favorite brew is as just a pop, lock, and drop away.  All they have to do is fill up the water reservoir, pop in a coffee capsule, and turn on the machine.  When the coffee’s ready, cleanup is an absolute breeze, too. 

To get you started on your adventure in brewing, every coffee maker comes with a set of free coffee capsules.  These come in 5 tantalizing flavors: Cappucino (a little kick with lots of froth), Caffe Lungo (smooth intense coffee), Mocha (rich coffee with a delightful chocolate taste), Chococino (devilishly creamy hot chocolate) and Latte Machiatto (stylish coffee with a hint of vanilla).  You can choose a different flavor for every cup of coffee that you have, experiment with strengths and mixes, and even brew a cup of hot chocolate.  

Like SM itself, the Dolce Gusto has an infinite ability to surprise and deliver.  And if you love your caffeine fix, you can’t miss the chance to try it for yourself. 

A coffee ambassadress at SM Supermarket Makati demonstrates how to use the Piccolo - ideal for gourmet coffee lovers with limited counter space.

Rediscover coffee with Nescafe Dolce Gusto five enticing flavors - Capuccino, Caffe Lungo, Mocha, Chococino and Latte Machiatto. Free box of capsules for every purchase of the machine at SM Food.

The Circolo’s internationally acclaimed design is perfect for entertaining guests.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto ambassadress shares a light moment with a shopper at SM Supermarket Makati as she demonstrates the use of Piccolo – an SM Food exclusive. 

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